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Couch cleaning is a very important task, we spent a lot of time on our couch while relaxing, watching TV and eating snacks. The prolonged use of couch causes dust build-up and sometimes stains, this won’t go on its own until you do the couch cleaning. This dirt and stains often harbour bacteria which causes allergies, therefore Leather Sofa Couch Cleaning Services is important. Using effective techniques you can make your couch sanitized and cleaned, it’s very important to follow the instructions though, using some chemical solvents may damage the couch fabric.

In this blog, you’ll read some tips and ways for cleaning and sanitizing a couch, read them word by word and follow the process exactly as written. 

Couch Cleaning Services
Couch Cleaning Services

Start From The Scratch.

Couch sanitization method kills the bacteria but doesn’t clean the couch, in this blog you’ll read both the method, couch sanitization and couch cleaning. First, start with vacuuming the couch, add an upholstery attachment and vacuum the couch thoroughly. Reach every crevice and clean the dust properly, run your vacuum cleaner twice over the couch. When you’re done prepare for next step.

Spray Commercial Disinfectant Spray.

Disinfectant sprays are available at a local store, you can use it on your couch after looking at the label. Professional recommends using deodorizing spray with enzymes it removes the odours coming from the couch. Moreover, few drops of oxygen bleach or colour-safe bleach diluted in water can sanitize some W code water-safe fabrics.

For S- or SW-code upholstery, use a different kind of disinfectant solvent, such as dry-foam shampoo, brush-in-style powder or a spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol — or vodka — instead of a water-based mist.

Disinfect The Leather Couch Using Vinegar.

Vinegar strong scent kills bacteria completely, add a half cup of vinegar in half a cup of water and fill in in a spray bottle. Then Spray it directly on the leather couch, later on, wipe the vinegar using microfiber cloth.

Professional Couch Cleaning Service
Professional Couch Cleaning Service

Expose The Couch In Sunlight.

Sunlight is a natural disinfectant, the heat contains UV rays and radiation which kills germs, just place the couch somewhere under the direct sunlight for one hour. Leaving the couch in sunlight for too long can cause discolouration of the fabric.

Call Professionals.

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